…From the Diary of A Nameless African Lady.

I laid on Cyril’s chest cuddling in a hotel room, we were laying low. It was one of the lowest times in his life, in our relationship. His ex had just resurfaced and was spitting hot threats at me and Cyril himself was just released from police custody after being detained for three days for a crime he did not commit. Neither houses were an option to stay in as it wasn’t so safe. I had brought out my phone and kept playing Jon Bellion’s ‘Hand of God’ on repeat, till Cyril mastered almost all the lyrics.

“Who is this guy?”, Cyril asked

“Jon Bellion”. I replied.

“He is good, conveys emotions so well. What is the name of this track?” He asked again

“Hand of God”, I replied

He brought out his phone to see the lyrics and sing along. Cyril was surprisingly more interested in the second verse of the song, and he kept singing only that verse, as many times as Nigeria experienced insurgency…


“My ex-girl I’ve been seeing, I’ve been seeing, I’ve been seeing lately,

She’s got hope that we’re getting back together, my God

I just know that I’m horny and I’m lonely, just admit it’s crazy,

She just holds on to something that she knows is long gone…”


After a zillion times of Cyril singing this verse, it finally occurred to me what he meant. He was trying to confess that there was a moment of weakness between him and his ex, and because of that, she thinks they are back together, but he was sorry, he said, he was just “horny and lonely” that’s why it happened. LOL. I forgive him again tho, lol, men will always be men! Ndifreke, his ex, will be so shocked I took him back, she thinks she can break us apart but she’s the loser (lol). I got all the reassurance from Cyril.

One year later, Cyril and Ndifreke were married!



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